Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Music Review: Twista's :Category F5:


Category F5
Single: "Wetter"

With most of his hardcore fans disappearing because of his latest change in his music, Twista has maybe found a medium between this turmoil with his latest album "Category F5". Songs like "Wetter" & "Yellow Light" would be for those who like the less hardcore, while "American Gangsta", "Walkin on Ice" and "Misunderstood", would be more for his older fans who miss the "Adrenaline Rush" Twista days. This album has a fistfull of songs you'll love, so this is a must get if you're into Twista.

Twista - Wetter

Twista - Slow Jamz ft. Kayne West & Jamie Foxx

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